5 Top Things Today’s Home Buyers Want

The face of the home buyer is evolving right along with the amenities they want in the home itself. Long gone is the day that the majority of buyers are married couples looking for a starter home in the suburbs. Now, the majority of homebuyers consist of single women, gay couples, and business professionals. Generations X & Y are now doing the home buying, and they want their homes to be as technically savvy as they are. This includes having features such as man caves and smart homes (automated systems throughout the home), Carrie Bradshaw closets (huge, walk-in closets), a home office, hardwood floors, and urban homes with amenities. However you decide to upgrade, be sure to think of your long-term investment-what will potential buyers think of your upgrades and will they be willing to pay for them? Read the full article here: http://www.zillowblog.com/2013-05-10/5-top-things-todays-home-buyers-want/