Some Tips for Filing a VA Disability Claim

It can be very nerve-wracking when first filing for VA disability compensation. There are many uncommon terms, rules, and regulations to follow. It can be very intimidating and cause some to not receive benefits they are entitled. Instead of being overwhelmed by the process, there are some tips to successfully filing from start to finish. This article provides several tips on the specifics of the claim process, including how to prepare necessary documentation, who to speak to about a claim, active duty vs. retired benefits and time periods, and what to include in a claim. It also gives tips on how to better your experience with the VA, such as appointing a representative, determining what you want to claim, obtaining records from private medical facilities (if applicable), and what you can expect when you receive the decision. Most claims are processed within a four-month period, which gives substantial time for an appeal if necessary.  The key to a smooth claim process is to communicate clearly and honestly with all parties. Read the full article here: