Real Estate Marketing is Evolving With 3D Home Tours

You’ll see it here first! Just a week ago, we did a spotlight on Escondido, California and took you on a journey to Santa Fe with a virtual tour of one of our stunning estates. What we hadn’t shown you yet – until now - is the virtual 3D interactive tour that you can take of the same resplendent Escondido home, right from your computer! 3D and virtual reality tours to showcase real estate is quickly emerging, and The Chiesl Team had the pleasure of working with Matterport in creating a stunning, futuristic, and incredibly lifelike tour of this home that makes you feel as if you are in the there yourself. With free range to the home, you can go almost anywhere using your arrow keys and mouse to navigate. According to Matterport, the 3D experience “is the most realistic, immersive way to experience a property online.” We couldn’t agree more! Click on the link below to try out this amazing technology and take a 3D virtual tour of this Santa Fe style retreat at 1450 Rimrock Drive in Escondido, California. Click Here to Take the Virtual Tour! Click on the link below to watch the YouTube video of Mike Chiesl testing the virtual reality technology with a Tour It Now (a Matterport partner) representative. Click Here to Watch the Test Video! Did we mention that this property is still for sale? Contact The Chiesl Team for more details!