Advantages of Property Management For Military Families

Many military families move cross country (and sometimes across the world) several times throughout their military career. Before receiving PCS orders, some families opt to buy homes, usually in their hometown. This can save thousands of dollars compared to the alternative - renting a home. Buying a home and renting it out can provide much needed supplemental income. However, the biggest problem with renting a home that plagues many families is that they are not in the area to take care of the property. This is concerning because the owner is unable to have direct communication with tenants and are unable to take care of the property. The solution to this problem is to hire a property management company. Property management for military companies provide services that enable home owners to be as hands-off in the home-owning process as they would like to be. This includes services such as screening applicants, marketing your home, conducting the walk through, collecting monthly rent, managing repairs and emergencies, moving in/out inspections, and ensuring your home and property are in regulation. Property management companies only charge a small percentage of the rental income for their services. This small fee is nominal compared to the peace of mind owners will have knowing that their home is taken care of while they are away and will be ready for them when they return. Using property management companies has much value and can be very helpful for all homeowners. The Mike Chiesl Group offers comprehensive residential property services that will ensure all of your real estate investments are handled properly. Visit our Property Management page to learn more.