Panetta Authorizes Hiring Freezes, Furlough Plans

Due to possible sequestration cuts ordered by the Department of Defense, Defense Secretary Leo Panetta has ordered military services to prepare for dramatic cuts in the budget. $52 billion is set to be cut from the 2013-14 military budget, although that depends on Congress’ decision on March 1. Army Gen. Martin Dempsey believes that these cuts will leave our military forces unprepared for warfare and will seriously weaken our military position. In order to prepare for these potential cuts, a few precautions have been taken, including implementing furloughs for civilian employees, halting maintenance on equipment used in war, and eliminating trainings for forces that are not scheduled to go into Afghanistan. Even with all of the potential cuts, Panetta has made a commitment to support the missions in Afghanistan and the wounded warriors at home. Read the full article here: