One Week Until Carlsbad Residents Vote on Measure A

A week from today, Carlsbad voters will decide whether or not an outdoor shopping promenade will be built along the 5 freeway where the strawberry fields once grew. While driving around Carlsbad the past few weeks, you may have noticed several "Yes on A" signs taking over the street corners, accompanied by "No on A" signs (or sometimes with the popular slogan "Save Carlsbad, we are not LA!") Many residents are worried that the shopping center will be reminiscent of Los Angeles's large, bustling malls, like the popular outdoor mall The Grove. A headline on the website of "Citizens for North County" ( states that they are "advocating on behalf of preserving North San Diego County's natural habitat, quality of life, and character." Many don't want to see the traffic increase, stating that "Measure A will bring nearly 13 million annual visitors and more than 35,000 new vehicle trips per day".  On the other hand, the website of "Vote Yes on Carlsbad Measure A" ( states that the mission is to "provide Carlsbad with 176 acres of newly accessible open space, a high-quality open air shopping & dining promenade anchored by Nordstrom, preservation & expansion of strawberry farming, and protection of the environment. All at no cost to Carlsbad!" They point out that Measure A will double the size of the strawberry fields, and will also make the Carlsbad lagoon as well as hiking trails accessible to the public for the first time. The website also features plans of what the promenade will look like, if Measure A does pass. The Carlsbad Strawberry Fields are a supporter of the measure. With 7 days to go, and what seems like a city divided, all we can do is hope for the best for the Carlsbad community. For more information, visit: