Lending Update

Need help with your home loan in San Diego?Are you concerned about getting a home loan in San Diego because you have a foreclosure, short sale, mortgage late or any type of disparaging credit issues?  The Mike Chiesl Group is pleased to announce that there is now an exciting new program that can help our clients that have been sitting on the sidelines waiting while the market is so hot because of prior credit issues. Here are some of the details of this program.  This offer applies to purchases and owner-occupied only.  You must have 20% down.  The maximum DTI must be 43% and the minimum FICO score must be 660.  Previous short sale, foreclosure, deed-in-lieu and mortgage lates are acceptable as are bankruptcies as long as it has been over two years since dismissal.  We can get you a mortgage up to 4 million dollars!  This program is not available to first time home owners. If you are interested in more information, please contact The Mike Chiesl Group today.  We would love to help get you into your next home.