Increasing number of Iraq, Afghanistan vets suffer spinal pain

When you think of injuries that occur in veterans, most think of traumatic injuries such as brain injuries or amputations. In reality, the most common injury is back and neck pain. There have been 10 times more spinal injuries than those related to blast injuries. A number of factors, including heavy lifting, high-intensity activities, and bearing the weight of 50-60 pounds of body armor and supplies, cause these injuries. Studies have shown that spinal pain not only affects front-line troops, but also those with desk jobs. Spinal injuries can lead to other illnesses as psychological distress. Spinal pain has caused thousands of troops to be medically evacuated from combat zones to return home to be treated. Treatments include anything from physical therapy to acupuncture. Most VA’s offer these services to veterans, as well as alternative therapies such as yoga and Pilates classes. Read the full article here: