Why Short Sale Buyers Are So Frustrated

Most people are aware of the stress short sales put on sellers. Usually, it is a last resort for the seller and a situation that they would rather not be in. On the other hand, being a short sale buyer can be stressful as well. These buyers are usually kept in the dark for weeks to months as to whether their offer has been accepted. This creates lots of anxiety for those buyers who are looking to get into a new house quickly, have to wait an indefinite amount of time, and come to find out their offer was not accepted. They are then in the unfortunate position of starting the home buying process all over, having lost valuable time. If you are looking to buy a short sale, be prepared to be patient. Read the full article here: http://homebuying.about.com/b/2013/06/07/why-short-sale-buyers-are-so-frustrated.htm